Friday, July 18, 2008

A bit of a refocus.

I started this blog originally with the idea that it would focus primarily on Wikipedia and issues surrounding it. I've found that harder than I expected – both in terms of motivation to do it, and in terms of finding what I wanted to say here incompatible with being a sitting member of the Arbitration Committee.

Come this January, I will no longer be a sitting member of Arbcom; I do not intend to run in this fall's elections. At that time I will feel much more free to discuss issues of Wikipedia without everything I write looking to some as if they are pronouncements of policy rather than personal ideas.

In the meantime, and thereafter, this blog will also contain much more of my personal writing, journalling and recollections. I am feeling the urge to write more, and more personally, rather than explicitly for an audience. If you read this blog (someone might!), you'll see a more eclectic grab-bag of stuff than hitherto.

I also intend, from now on, to publish my commentary on things I read online here, rather than commenting on blogs and the like. That was, after all, the original purpose of a weblog – an annotated stream of stuff one found on the web with personal opinion and commentary.

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